Trump Blames the Democrats

Democrats unable to defend themselves -- President-for-now Donald Trump blamed Democrats on Friday for the GOP's failure to repeal Obamacare. In a wave of subsequent tweets he also blamed Dems for the "disaster that is Social Security," the United Nations, NATO, The Voting Rights Act, Medicare, the "anti-business eight hour day," NPR, and organic food. … Continue reading Trump Blames the Democrats


A Fairy Tale – Definitely Grim

Once upon a time at the White House -- Once upon a time in those fondly remembered days of yore when the consensus was that our nation's chief executive was not insane, there lived a presidential candidate who, each evening, would retire to his tower, where he had a terrible time sleeping. His most trusted … Continue reading A Fairy Tale – Definitely Grim

Soviet Squared

A tiny tiny ray -- A few days ago United States Customs and Border Protection officials stopped Soviet Soviet in Seattle and deported them. Could this be a sign that the administration is using their bizarre, cruel, anti-immigrant policies to distance themselves from Vladimir Putin and his Russian Oligarchy? Is it the beginning of a … Continue reading Soviet Squared