AL Tweets!

Resistance proved futile -- Alternative Lies has been dragged kicking and screaming -- much like Dr. David Dao from that United flight -- into the Twitter era. Encouraged by more tech savvy friends we now have a twitter account and will be announcing our posts there as well an on that ancient technology Facebook. We … Continue reading AL Tweets!


Twenty Five Million Bucks!

Very tempting -- Research by the statistical team here at Alternative Lies reveals that sexual harassment can pay more than 250 times as much as teachers earn -- even for teaching sex ed. Also, that much more than police officers, fire fighters, dental hygienists, plumbers, newspaper reporters, haberdashers, glovers, manicurists, seamstresses or seamsters, teamsters, restaurateurs, … Continue reading Twenty Five Million Bucks!


White House in the dark -- The White House was plunged into darkness and near terror yesterday when all the lights went out. It was the result of a perfect storm of missing officials: The president-for-now had not nominated a director for the National Park Service which is in charge of maintaining the White House. There … Continue reading Unfulfilled

Spicer Confusion

Press Secretary helps United Airlines -- Two disgruntled White House staffers contacted Alternative Lies this morning with copies of a recorded conversation between Oscar Muñoz, United Airlines CEO, and Sean Spicer. Here are excerpts. Muñoz: What about free travel within the continental US? Spicer: Just for screwing up at the press conference tonight? M: Not … Continue reading Spicer Confusion