AL Tweets!

Resistance proved futile —

Alternative Lies has been dragged kicking and screaming — much like Dr. David Dao from that United flight — into the Twitter era. Encouraged by more tech savvy friends we now have a twitter account and will be announcing our posts there as well an on that ancient technology Facebook.

We are now @alternativlies.

(Note that missing e (alternativ lies). Apparently Es are rare in the twitterverse and we could only have two.)

Thanks in advance for tweeting and retweeting (and even re-retweeting if that’s a thing) every bit of mendacity we send your way.



4 thoughts on “AL Tweets!

    • Absolutely. In fact this one’s on FB now, too.

      Best way to be sure to see all the alternative lies, of course, is to click the Follow button. Each lie comes directly to your email inbox. The wonders of the modern social network!


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