Pre-existing Puerile Pugnacity

President faces the nation —

On Face the Nation this past Sunday, when asked about his healthcare bill’s coverage of pre-existing conditions, President-for-now Trump said, “I’ll tell you who doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. Obamacare. You know why? It’s dead.*

“Also let me tell you what doesn’t protect you from so-called global warming. Obama’s environmental rules. You know why?

“And you know what isn’t protecting our water anymore? Obama’s clean water rules.

“And guess what’s not protecting consumers from bad investment advice. The Fiduciary Rule. Brokers used to have to act in their clients’ best interest. Not anymore. Dead, dead, dead.

“And you know who isn’t freeing any slaves anymore? Lincoln. Guess why.”


*Not a lie. Verbatim from the broadcast.


3 thoughts on “Pre-existing Puerile Pugnacity

  1. “And guess who isn’t even close to being as dead as America? Huh? Huh? Australia! AND their vastly better healthcare. They couldn’t be as lame as America if they tried. Losers!!”

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  2. As is Frederick Douglass, which is unfortunate, because President-for-now Trump wanted to meet him. Stop for a minute and imagine what that might be like.

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  3. So to recap: the Don has had Obama care … whacked. Environmental regulations … whacked. Water protection regulations .. whacked. Banker / Broker regulations … whacked. And somehow Jimmy and Slippery Pete managed to time travel and bust a cap on Abe Lincoln. This is one wacky administration. Future News! FBI director Christie … whacked!

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