President strives to impress Russian visitors —

President-for-now Donald Trump gave the White House silver to the visiting Russian ambassador and foreign minister.

“They really really liked it, and I don’t use it. It’s too heavy. In any case, as president I have the absolute right to give away anything I want.”

At the same time he also gave the Russians the plans to our top secret stealth technology. “They don’t have anything like it. Really, nothing! It impressed the hell out of them.”



4 thoughts on “Generosity

  1. On the contrary. Please let’s keep the Donald in office. His inept ways are making it difficult to accomplish anything. With Pence as president and Ryan continuing as speaker the well oiled machine would be a much bigger disaster.

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  2. He can’t jam a soupspoon past his pucker, so what good is the White House silverware!? C’mon! try harder to “understand” the species of feces we have in orifice!

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