Trump Turns Up the Heat

Changes in investment strategy —

In a flurry of investments the Trump organization has

  • Begun purchasing coastal resort property half a mile inland
  • Bought hundreds of small local ice making plants
  • Begun exploring development of seaports on Russia’s north coast
  • Unveiled a new frozen confection, TrumPops
  • Put a bid in for the Carrier air conditioning company and for Ben and Jerry’s
  • Shorted The North Face and the world’s largest producer of down comforters
  • Made an offer on the SpaceX and Mars One Mars-colonization projects



3 thoughts on “Trump Turns Up the Heat

  1. This just in: As EPA regulations come crashing down like 1/2 inch hail-balls, Trump splurges on polar-bear fur coats and hats for daughter-wife Ivanka (burrrr-fect for those air-conditioned weekends at Maralago, or the Kremlin). Lesnyak is quoted as saying, “Don’t worry, my tourists, we are not allowing small thing like new 90-degree heat to end Russian style. Donald will put for us Carrier a/c everywhere. “

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