Tone It Down!

Time to tone down the rhetoric —

Last week when an irate citizen shot and wounded four Republicans it suddenly dawned on the commentariat that our national rhetoric has gotten dangerously hot. Intemperate radio shock jocks and bloggers have led the charge to demonize the other party. Whether it’s asshole Republicans demonizing Democrats or liberals disparaging right wing wankers and other deplorables, it has got to stop.

Sitting in the center of the debate, as we do here at Alternative Lies, it has been easy to see the temperature rise. It doesn’t help that our president is a self-involved amoral greedy idiot with the intelligence of a gibbon–a not very bright gibbon. But we can’t blame the whole thing on Donald Trump.

There’s also Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions, and . . . well, the list is endless. If they would stop being jerks, the left would eventually stop calling them names. As for the right wing, maybe they just need to get laid.

In any case, we here at Alternative Lies pledge to be constantly conscious of our rhetoric and to keep the temperature to a chill 32 degrees.



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